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Photography Workshops for members

The number 1 reason that many photographers simply don't reach the level of success that they desire is lack of resources, tools, and training. Our #1 goal and mission from the start has been to give photographers everything they need to reach a level of success they may never have thought possible.

Not only do we supply you with unlimited tools within our members area, we also offer industry leaders that will be covering specific topics each month. Here are just a few of the classes that we have scheduled over the next several months:

As a member of The Photographers Connection you will have complete access to our comprehensive training, personal coaching, forums, and our monthly workshops that are held by the best in the industry.

Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

photography workshops

Mastering the intricacies of post-processing will raise the level of your photography to a new level. This class will cover both the basics as well as advanced techniques that will turn your great photos into awe-inspiring imagery. Regardless if you are using Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom both are the industry standard for editing your digital photos.

Since both Photoshop and Lighthouse will be covered, we will have two dates for this class. Members should access our workshop calendar in our backroom for our schedule.

Proper Lighting & Lighting Techniques

photography marketing workshops

Light is light as a wise photographer once told me. While the equipment we use to illuminate our subject is obviously important, it may not be as important as how we use it. When we look at lighting there are four main characterstics, quantity, quality, color, and direction.

Certainly we know that LED studio lighting is not going anywhere anytime soon. But, just because something is trendy, does not mean there are not strong and useful options. This class will reveiew proper lighting techniques for many different situations as well as your actual lighting options.

Aerial Photography

photography marketing

While aerial photography is niche specific, it has become an integral part of the services being offered by many photographers. While the proper drone and more importantly the camera attached to the drone is not cheap, the cost is easily recouped very quickly when marketed correctly. The market for aerial photography is tremendous. Photographers offering aerial photography are getting jobs with commercial, industrial, residential, and even many outside events including weddings.

This class will not disappoint. You will learn the best drones (and cameras) to purchase as well as the many techniques to use for proper lighting and so much more.

When to Use Plotagraphs & Cinemagraphs

You either really like plotagraphs and cinemagraphs or you want nothing to do with them. The problem is, our clients want them. This is proven over and over again with test done by The Photographers Connection. While there are certain images that work with this effect, there are many that simply do not.

We have watched conversions go through the roof when using this effect within photography marketing as well as introducing this effect to photographers clients. This workshop will show you all you need to know about these special effects and when to use them. (View the 15 second plotagraph)